Wayne Harrison, Founder of Soccer Awareness, has 30 years of Coaching Knowledge and Experience to help you develop your club or program using proven methods of work.

We are seeking like minded Clubs / Organizations to develop and promote the Soccer Awareness Philosophy of teaching.

Our focus is on all aspects of the game but particularly teaching and developing the MIND.

We will be selecting clubs / organizations with exclusivity of location.

We would like to develop this concept into a Worldwide program.

We believe this focuses on THE most important part of developing a player: Soccer Intelligence.

We want to educate coaches to both believe in and further develop this concept.

Clubs / Organizations at all levels can benefit from this program, be they amateur or professional in status.

Welcome to Soccer Awareness; we hope you will be partners with us for years to come.

Click here to download the Soccer Awareness Developmental Training Partnership Program Introduction

For further information Please Contact us at soccerawareness@outlook.com