1 v 1 Crossing Game

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Set-up: Place two goals 18 yards apart with a goalkeeper in each goal. A server stands on the side of the penalty box with a group of balls.

1v1 crossing game.png
  1. The server punts the ball high into the air and aims for it to land on the penalty spot.

  2. Goalkeeper A and B must compete for the high ball save.

  3. Whoever catches the ball in the air gets 2 points. If the ball drops to the ground, whoever wins possession gets 1 point.

  4. The first one to 10 points wins.


  1. After the goalkeeper catches the ball in the air, he/she must set it down immediately and try and dribble a breakaway across the opponents’ goal line.

  2. The server can also put the ball down at his feet and shoot on target to either goal.

Coaching Points:

  1. Attack the ball and catch it at the highest possible catching point.

  2. Drive your knee up to protect yourself from the other goalkeeper.

  3. Decide early and arrive on time.