Book Review - Soccer Awareness: Developing the Thinking Player

This is a review from Amazon on the book: Soccer Awareness: Developing the Thinking Player

As a long time coach (not of soccer though), I took to the task of coaching my daughter’s travel soccer team. It’s not difficult to find drills for dribbling and passing and small sided games and such. What is difficult is getting the kids to look around and play the game. These drills provide dribbling and passing practice, but also awareness training.

This book details drills that get the kids heads up and checking out the game. I think you could run practices the entire year with stuff from this book and little more. Before long, the kids start to “get it” if you will. They start to think a play ahead of the game and are looking around for options. Players start to make runs to get the ball from a teammate. Before this I had a kid with the ball and the rest were watching the game.

One simple idea was having kids call out who they plan to pass to before they receive the ball in a pass and move drill. So simple yet so genious. Works great to get the kids heads up and looking around. All the drills are geared toward kids looking around the field.