Patterns of Play: 3-3-1 at 8 v 8

Taking simple tactical ideas created on the training field to the game situation. Coaches teach certain movements in training; players take ownership of them in the game situation.

How to Break Down Player Movements:

  • The following presentation is designed to simplify all the potential Patterns of Play of young players at 8 v 8.
  • This is done by showing a two player rotation per slide.
  • Eventually we will show several movements but coaches need to build up to these slowly and with patience.

A Team Pattern of Play:

  • Patterns of Play are designed to be practiced to help players identify common situations in the game itself.
  • When these situations occur the players involved will think about the movements within a pattern of play (that they practiced in training) and will re-enact them in the game.
  • Our goal is to make this an unconscious decision where the players don’t even have to think about it; they just do it naturally / instinctively.