Pepe Guardiola - An End of an Era?

Pepe Guardiola; Possibly the most successful manager of all time if you base it on the length of time in charge (obviously Sir Alex has the record for that for longevity and winning) and what a shame he has quit.

He is an inspiration to us all, he shows that LONG TERM planning works at youth level, that there is no quick fix, that what he achieved in 3 years is on the back of 15 years work of which he was a significant part of; starting as a young players going through that system of development to ultimately being the top man.

He will be back better than ever refreshed and ready; I look forward to that day.

How I wish the USA system would look at this model and copy it, if players trained enough I am sure the talent is here, and especially among the Hispanic community in Southern California.

My training mirrors what they do, and long before I studied them I was happy to see my “MIND training” was what they focused on, the only difference is until I worked in the UAE I didn’t have potentially great players to try it out on.

So now I know if I have the raw material to start with I can make it work, I thought maybe the USSF would be interested; but despite my efforts; and getting the top marks for my training recently; when I was assessed at an academy club; nothing. So I will carry on regardless and continue to try to develop players the Pepe way.