Soccer Awareness Model of Team Development

My model is implemented at professional Academy level. I believe in developing teams to reflect the most up to date and successful Professional European models of Soccer development. 

The FIVE Phases of Play at the 8 v 8

We employ the 3-3-1 system of play. Using it from U6 to U10 with all our teams; we endeavor to teach a particular style of play that is popular, fun to play and successful and which teaches the players all the best aspects of soccer development.

This is how we develop our individual players and at the same time we are encouraging and helping players on how to use their imagination in 1 v 1 dribbling situations in the attacking thirds of the field. We want to develop technically great passers AND dribblers.

Remember the Art of great coaching includes changing the team shape / plan / style; based on the game situation; so prepare your teams with this in mind.
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