Teaching Awareness

Some idiot commentator said today that the LOOK Fabragas did today for Barcelona to see the next pass before he received the ball; he was born with and it couldn’t be taught. What BS, of course it can be taught. I wasn’t good at it when I played professionally but I am damn good at it now because I teach it and have taught myself it how to demonstrate it in dynamic action. In other words ONE touch football. If I can learn it anyone can. Where do they get these commentators from?

Even with my 18s academy team when we play ONE touch and I can’t run like them of course at my age, they rarely close me down because I see my options so early due to the Awareness training I teach, and move the ball on and keep possession.

We are teaching this to our 8 year olds now to go with and compliment their dribbling skills at Surf Soccer club to produce better all round players.

My book “Soccer Awareness: Developing the Thinking Player (400 pages) explains it all.