Three Types of Soccer Players: It's All About Awareness

For the most part, players can be separated into three categories.

  1. Those who don’t know what’s happening in a game;
  2. Those who know what’s happening as it’s happening.
  3. Those who know what is going to happen next

The players who fit in the first category, really don’t know what is happening during the game and instead, when the ball comes to them they just kick it away because they don’t know what else to do.

The players who fit into the second category are paying attention to what is happening and are always reacting to whatever is happening at that moment.

The players who fit into the third category are the ones who will ultimately be successful.  

They not only know what is happening at any given time but they are thinking about what the possibilities are next and instead of constantly reacting to a situation; they are being proactive and are dictating what is going to happen next, therefore working in Anticipation.

If you want to be successful as a soccer player, you want to be in this third group but the obvious question is how do you learn how to do this?

First you want to become a student of the game. Watch as many high level soccer games as possible whether in person or on TV.  

Rather than just watching as a fan, try to figure out why a player did a specific move, where he was on the field, whether it worked or not and then why it worked
(or didn’t).  

Then, try to copy the move (assuming it worked) and see if you can use it in a similar
type situation.  

Watch the heads of top players “off the ball” and how their eyes are always looking away from the ball, here, there everywhere, assessing all the ever changing options. Its all about LOOK and THINK and this is all happening before they receive the ball. Barcelona being the prime team in the world to observe for this.

Also, really try to learn from coaches and if you don’t understand something be willing to ask additional questions.  

If you have the chance, play with and against older, more experienced players (but make sure it’s not putting yourself in a dangerous situation).

The players who have a general idea of what is going to happen next (or at least have an idea of what the possibilities are for what is going to happen next) are going to have more fun playing soccer, and be more successful while playing the

Which category are you in as a player?

If you’re not in the third category what are you going to do to get there?

Try learning the Soccer Awareness method of playing; it will get you there if you add your own intrinsic desire to succeed!