Winning and Development for Youth Soccer Players

I have been teaching a certain way of development for 15 years and more; as I am sure many of you out there have too, and low and behold the English FA now decide it is all about SSG”s and development not winning.

At EPSC I would not allow top teams to develop until U12 because then it was about WINNING. No one liked it at the time but it proved successful when they got older, look at all the good teams that were created. I took it down to U11 because too many did not get what I was doing nor more importantly WHY I was doing it.

But worse still here in CA they play 11 v 11 at U11, madness. So we would lose to the super U9 teams of other clubs but in the long run I will put my record against anyone because when we got to the good, better, best situation with players we were very competitive.

Plus some players who would have been left behind if I let them choose the best players at U9 blossomed due to this later. I wonder if they get that here in CA?

England is 15 years too late but better late than never, now what will the USA do? One win against Scotland doesn’t mean the revolution has started.