Defending in Wide Areas Against a Counter Attack

Positioning at the back when losing the ball

Both wing backs attacking. We lose the ball, the most vulnerable place for us is now the wide area as shown. We mark “goal-side” and leave the wide area open.

We are exposed with a 1 v 1 wide

If (J) is fast we are in big trouble now as he attacks defender (4) in a 1 v 1. He could run inside to goal or into a crossing position. Next slide shows how we can prevent this before it happens. 

What Should Happen

This is what should happen; (4) moves channel side of (J) and with depth to fill the space and prevent the pass. (6) drops in to cover or (5) if closer can do it. This may delay the forward momentum of (A) and allow recovery runs.

What Should Happen

Here (5) adds cover to (4) if needed, and (6) drops back to cover (K)s run. If (A) passes to (J)’s feet then (4) has time to close (J) down and control the situation with (J) with their back to goal. Other players will try to recover back or (3) and (11) can press and stop the delivery if close enough.