Example Soccer Awareness Training Session

  1. Footwork and coordination movements for balance and changing direction,
  2. Dribbling techniques are practiced & reinforced every time,
  3. Rondos to teach positioning, footwork and foot preparation and body stance as well as improve and speed up decision making
  4. Developing the thinking process through specific “training the mind” exercises,
  5. 1 v 1s plus 1 possession games with support and building them up in numbers to 2 v 2 plus 1 and so on using and transitioning with outside players to develop rotational patterns of play;
  6. Finishing Techniques focusing on “Movements to get free” and shooting in both the corners of the goal;
  7. A small sided game situation bringing it all together based on a particular theme (so many different game situations taught) which is vital for the players to end on.
  8. Examples of SSG’s; One touch development; Movement off and “away” from the ball; Switching the point of attack; Zonal defending; High pressure games to speed up decision making; Shooting and Finishing games; Transition games highlighting the importance of when “possession changes” and what players need to do; Pressing games to improve immediate defending principles and so on. 

Download the rest of the example session and all that can be taught (PDF)