How to Teach Freedom of Movement for the 4-2-3-1

Attacking and Defensive Positioning; and Covering for Each Other in Brief

To play such a fluid and imaginative style of play as we do; where players are offered such freedom offensively all over the field; there is always a "weakness" to this we need to address. In this case we look at the defensive consequences for which we need to cover and correct. Full version is 39 pages.

Defensive Adjustment and Organization

The potential weakness in this system and STYLE of play is the defensive adjustments needed to ensure our fluidity of attacking movement doesn’t cost us when we lose possession of the ball.

This presentation shows how we can make sure; defensively; we are disciplined and solid by teaching the players where to immediately press; where and when to recover; and how to fill in and cover for each other immediately the ball is lost.

Therefore we transition (in MIND and BODY) from incredible freedom of attacking momentum; which brings imagination, interchanges and rotations, to the opposite; intense, concentrated and positionally disciplined defense.

This is a simple way to show how we can make sure the team is well organized to allow the attacking freedom to take place; knowing we can cover ourselves if we lose the ball.

Interchanging Positions in Attack and what it means. We attack with freedom and rotation of positions knowing we are covered by team mates. 

So now, as close as possible to identify the change; Nine is 10, Eleven is 9, Eight is 6, Six is 8, Ten is 11; and so on. Three is in an Inside Left position, Two is in an Inside Right position. A six player attack.

Our Players have attacked and interchanged positions in the attack but we have lost the ball. They get the ball out and keep possession; we have to press and also recover at the same time.

Now we must press thru (4) who MUST delay (E), and the rest of the team can then get compact behind; alongside and in front of the opponents. (3) and (10) can recover to the press also.

In theory our players are out of position but are they? It depends how you teach them; how we press and recover and who does what, where and why.

Changes: Our Center back (4) is now a left fullback 3; our linking midfielder (8) is a center back 4; our left back (3) is a center midfielder 8, our striker (9) is a number 10; our attacking midfielder (10) is in the wide left position 11; our wide left (11) is in the (9) position and (2) is in 7s position and (7) is in 2s position.

Changes in Previous Diagrams: 

To recap on the previous defensive recovery set up which was our offensive set up initially:

  1. Our Center back (4) is now a left fullback 3;
  2. Our linking midfielder (8) is a center back 4;
  3. Our left back (3) is a center midfielder 8,
  4. Our striker (9) is now a number 10;
  5. Our attacking midfielder (10) is in the wide left position 11;
  6. Our wide left striker (11) is in the (9) central striker position;
  7. Our right fullback (2) is in 7s wide striker position;
  8. Our wide right striker (7) is in right fullback 2s position.

How we press and recover and who does what, where and why and rotation back into original positions and defensive set up.

The Ball goes out of play, for example, the players then rotate back into their own positions; or any part of the game they have time to do this they must try to work back into their own positions. We then start again to win back the ball and continue the freedom futbol method of playing.