3 v 2 To Goal

The following session is an excerpt from Soccer Awareness eBook 7: 17 Shooting Practices for U6 to U10.  Shooting drills are the best way to improve soccer players shooting on goal with power and accuracy. Training shooting soccer drills at an early age will show great improvement in a youth players shot. Shooting drills make player’s shot better through muscle memory, consistency and repetition that make the brain memorize the motion and position of the body so the player can perform these shots during a soccer match. These are 17 of Wayne’s favorite shooting drills for working with U6 to U10 players that are also fun.

Emphasis: Finishing, Receiving, Defending, Passing, Goalkeeping

Set-up: Use the penalty area and a regulation size goal. Two lines of defenders stand on both sides of the goal. Three lines of attackers stand five yards out from the top of the penalty box. The coach or server stands on the end line, between the 6 and 18, with a group of balls.

3 v 2 to goal

Objective: The coach serves the ball into the penalty area. The first defender in each line, (2 total), leave the post to meet the three attackers (1 from each line), at the top of the box. The three attackers try to score a goal and the two defenders are trying to prevent the goal from being scored. The play is over when the goalkeeper has possession or the ball travels outside the penalty area.


  1. Two of the three attackers must touch the ball.
  2. The goal must be scored after an overlapping run is made.
  3. The attackers have five seconds to score.

Coaching Points:

  1. Pressure the ball first and cut down the shooters angle.
  2. Goalkeeper must communicate with the defenders.
  3. Get the shot off early.