3 v 3 Possession Game

The following is an excerpt from Soccer Awareness eBook 3: 33 Passing And Receiving Practices For U6 To U10.

If players can't pass and receive the ball in soccer, they will not be successful. The coach of youth players should emphasize technical training while also having a basic understanding of correct technical execution. This can be accomplished using a variety of conditioned games to teach techniques in a way that provides plenty of repetition. This book contains 33 passing and receiving drills that you can implement with your team.

Emphasis: Passing and Receiving

Set-up: 20 x 20 yard grid. Six players per grid with one ball per group. Repeat set-up to
accommodate entire team. Two sets of colored bibs.

Objective: The game is played in a 3v3 format. Players try to maintain possession of the ball by constant passing and moving. 1 point is awarded for 5 successful passes. Play for a designated number of goals or for a predetermined time.

3 v 3 possession game

Progression: Play 2-touch

Coaching Points:

  • Constant movement.
  • Communication is vital.
  • Angles of support to receive ball.
  • Pass must have appropriate weight to ensure that teammate can deal with it.