4 v 4 Shooting Game With Keepers

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Two large goals to shoot at to encourage success by scoring goals. Shorter field so lots of shots on goal because players are nearly always in shooting positions. Initially have the two team / two balls set up so no opposition to enable players working both ways to get lots of shots in. Once a team has worked a position to shoot and has done so that team’s keeper sets up another attack.

4 v 4 shooting game with keepers

Progress it to the competitive even sided game.

Coaching Points:

  1. Quick shooting.

  2. Rebounds.

  3. Transitions.

  4. Quick break counter attack.

Players must be particularly aware of where teammates are, where the opposition are, the keepers position because the space to work in is small and the time they have on the ball is short.

Hence development of the mental side of the game in terms of the Awareness program, i.e. seeing situations quickly and acting upon them is very important to the player to help him or her have success by scoring goals. The shorter and sharper the practice then the less time the players have to make the correct decisions to be successful, the more important it is to train them to be able to cope with these pressure situations.


Download a printable pdf of this session and more defensive small-sided games in the Soccer Awareness Training Center.