6 To 7 Years Old Developmental Training Program Overview

The following is an excerpt from The Ultimate Youth Coaches Training Guide; A Complete 6 to 10 Year Old Developmental Coaching and Training Program.

This program is perfect for youth coaches wanting practices to start their soccer coaching education and it is also for those more advanced and experienced coaches wanting to train their players as best they can at these wonderful open minded ages for development and education of both the mind and body. Our plan is to help all coaches at whatever level of experience they are at. Find Out More

What You Receive:

  • More than 750 pages of coaches training and practice information and resources to help you become a better coach today

  • Complete 6 - 10 Year Old Developmental Coaching and Training Program

  • 140+ Training Sessions, 50+ Small Sided Games and more!

  • Tactical Thoughts on the Development of the New 4 v 4, 7 v 7 and 9 v 9 Game Sizes

  • Example Curriculum Showing the Progressive Development of a System of Play

  • Hyperlinked table of contents

  • Instantly downloadable low resolution version of the guide

  • Access to password protected page containing high resolution version broken down by section with 24 hours allowing you to quickly access the section that you want

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Here is an overview of what coaches should be working on in their training with 6-7 year olds:

This is the “Fundamental” stage of development


Coaching emphasis is on teaching Technical and Mental development in the correct Environment.

  1. This is the FUNdamental Stage, meaning making training fun for the players to encourage them to practice more at these young ages, and relaxing their minds.

  2. Training must be initially in a non-competitive environment so the players get a chance to learn to do the technique correctly; and without pressure. Build pressure in when the time is right.

  3. Short term learning practice, high in repetition, specific to the technique required, involving few decisions.

  4. This is the COGNITIVE PHASE of learning theory (planning)

  5. The learner thinks about the task. Movements will not yet be fluid as the player is concentrating on what to do next; and how to do it; so the thinking process is a major part of this.

  6. Awareness training: The Emphasis is on Individual Awareness with lots of touches to teach the players to play with their heads up; particularly during technical development training such as dribbling and turning.

  7. The coach must observe: the player may be slow to learn, compare the player with a skillful one where movement is fluid, effortless requiring no deep thought, it’s almost instinctive.

  8. The coach must be patient and continue to reinforce the relevant techniques until they start to become second nature in a non-competitive situation, and the players then move to the next stage of development.

  9. Some may reach the next stage earlier than others.

  10. In the training sessions emphasis is given to repeating the quality of football movements. These are corrected and repeated until they become a regular part of the player’s package of techniques.


Technical Program Needs to Cover:

  • Ball Mastery – Coerver work – Ball feeling and familiarity

  • Ability to use both feet – weak foot work

  • Passing, control – ability to take/cushion the ball with all parts (With movements prior to)

  • 3v1, 4v1, 4v2 for support and making angles

  • Dribbling, running with the ball

  • 1v1 activities for fun and enjoyment

  • Heading for fun

  • Shooting two footed

  • Games in small groups: 3 v 3; 4 v 4, they want to play; not be Coached – rotate players

  • Speed – Quickness

  • Fast footwork with and without the ball

  • Tag games to develop fast feet and leg strength

  • Show how to spread out to create space

  • Play games for ENJOYMENT, encourage them to produce a skill

  • Get everyone back behind the ball