Ball Control and Dribbling Skills Ideas

The following two drills come from eBook 27: Dribbling Technique and Skill for U6 to U9. This eBook includes drills and teaches technique that you can use in practice to help your team perfect their dribbling. You will learn different techniques to control the ball, specific dribbling moves, awareness dribbling work, dribbling for possession and more than 50 pages of drills that you can use with your team.

Wayne Harrison has put together this collection of dribbling drills from his wealth of knowledge at the highest levels of the game both as a professional player and professional coach.  Find Out More

He Says She Says

ball control and dribbling skills ideas

Emphasis: Ball control and motor skills

Set-up: Use the penalty box or the center circle. Grid size depends on the number of players. Each player has a ball.

Objective: The players must follow the instruction of the coach. For example, if the coach shouts “touch the ball quickly side to side”, then the players must do so. Complete 10 commands successfully and then stretch for a minute. Repeat using different commands.


  1. Tap the top of the ball with the bottoms of your feet, alternating feet each time.
  2. Jump over the ball.
  3. Hop around the ball.
  4. Skip around the ball.
  5. Toss the ball up, hit it with your head, and catch it.
  6. Use the bottom of your foot and move it in a circle.
  7. Kick the ball in the air, turn, and catch it.

Coaching Points:

  1. Get the touches right.
  2. Don’t run into anyone.

Indianapolis 500

indianapolis 500

Emphasis: Dribbling, ball control

Set-up: Set up a 15x20 yard grid (race track). Place all of your players in the grid with a ball.
Objective: The players must not crash into the cones (rails). If the players (collide) with each other or the cones (rails), they must go outside the grid, and do fast footwork with the ball. For example; toe touches on the ball, quick passes side to side, or quick turns with the left and right foot. The players (cars) must obey the coaches (race director) shout. “Shift gears”-change directions, “red flag”-stop the ball, “blue flag”-stop the ball with the knee, “yellow flag”-dribble slower, and “green flag”-accelerate to top speed.


  1. Make the grid smaller and more congested.
  2. Players must only use the left foot only.

Coaching Points:

  1. Keep the ball close to your body.
  2. Concentrate on change of direction away from pressure (other cars).