Circle Rondos

The following comes from Soccer Awareness eBook "Developing Players with Rondos Using the Soccer Awareness Philosophy"

This 222 page eBook explores the use of rondos in youth soccer. Rondos are a great way to prepare players for the game situations and especially the fast decision making needed within the game. I have included as a way to work into these game situations many Rondo ideas that I feel are great foundation builders for players learning to combine and play together. I have stayed with simplistic ideas that all levels of players can try and be successful at. It is up to each coach to work out how to make it work for their players.

Though the foundation of the basic rondo stays the same; we explore different ways to present it. It can be made easier or more difficult based on the number of touches players are allowed, for example, so it benefits ALL players who practice with them; also the size of area they play within can be manipulated to change the challenge. Preview Here

Passing and movement warm up for quick looking and thinking. Various movements to develop decision making with several progressions. An Introduction to all the basics of the thinking process and how it relates to decision making and movement.

Circle coaching for passing and support

To increase the players awareness instincts ask them to call the name of the player out who they will be passing to, before they receive the ball. This ensures they look to see who is free before they receive the ball so they know in advance who is free to receive.

One ball, (1) runs and passes to (4) and takes their place. (4) Takes the ball, runs and passes to (8) and so on.

circle coaching for passing and support

Progression: Introduce two, then three, then four balls all going at the same time. “Awareness” of where each player is running is needed here so they don’t collide and where potential free players to receive are “before” you make the run and pass. 

Coaching Points:  

  1. Good communication between the players.

  2. Quality of the pass (timing, accuracy and weight).

  3. Good first touch by the receiver.

  4. Progression – Passer becomes a passive defender who puts the receiver under pressure. The receiver must move the ball away at an angle from the pressure on their first touch.

Running with the ball

Running with the ball technique:   

  1. Head Up – look forward, observing options “before” receiving the ball using the A.I.A. training.

  2. Good first touch out of feet, 2-3 touches maximum, not dribbling.

  3. Run in a straight line, the quickest route.

  4. Running Style, use the front foot to control the ball using the laces.

Decision: Where is the player taking the ball? In this case to (5) but (5) must try to decide as the ball is coming not after he or she has it. Identify who is free early.

Communication: Call the name of the player you are running the ball to.

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