Coaches Checklist for a Session Plan

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To help you understand how important it is to structure your plan to ensure it is as effective as possible, the following guidelines may help:


1. Produce a session plan (if creating your own)
2. Organize facilities and equipment
3. Outline the theme to the players


4. Encouraged two-way communication with the players during training and in team talks
5. Coaching Demeanor: Demonstrated motivation and a positive attitude


6. Demonstrated effective time management (having equipment set up on time and ready to go at the appropriate time)
7. Effective time management with regard to talking with the players during training
8. Organized the space and the players appropriately


9. Conducted a “theme relevant” warm up and cool down
10. Produced technically sound information and appropriate skills practices for the theme in a sequential manner
11. Stayed with the theme throughout the exercise and did not gravitate from one theme to another


12. Conducted relevant tactical themes for training including functions and phase plays to support the “skills” training
13. Finish with a game situation (up to 11 v. 11) that was based on and specific to the theme of the day’s training


14. Showed an ability to analyze the players
15. Progressed to the needs of the players
16. Correction of problems by adapting the practice to suit


17. Provided accurate demonstrations
18. Used guiding question and answer coaching style
19. Finished with positive feedback in closing discussion
20. Communication with the D.O.C


21. Adhered to the correct training program provided by the Academy Director of Coaching
22. Showed willingness to adapt to a new training policy
23. Employed the Continuums Development Training Model to training
24. Employed the AWARENESS training method of coaching


25. Overall knowledge
26. Identification of faults where applicable
27. Effectiveness of the training


28. Tactical corrections during the game
29. Sideline demeanor during the game
30. Use of substitutes
31. Encouraged two-way communications with the players in games (before, at halftime, and after the game)

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