Creating Space In A Small Sided Game Of 6 v 6

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Here the players work to get free of their markers by their movement off the ball; they create space for themselves and / or for their teammates.

creating space in a small sided game of 6 v 6

Coaching Points:

  1. Creating Space – Spreading out as a team.
  2. Decision – When, where and how to Create Space.
  3. Technique – of passing and receiving.
  4. Support Positions of players; angles and distances, movement off the ball.

In the above example (2) and (3) break wide to create space and offer two options to receive a pass from the keeper, (3) receives the pass and (4) runs off (C) to check back to receive the pass in space. (5) And (6) create space in front of the receiving player by making split runs to move (A) and (B) away from where (4) wants to attack and shoot at goal.

If either (A) or (B) do not track the two strikers and stay in the space in front to defend against (4) then (4) can pass to whichever play got free by not being tracked on their run.


Download a printable pdf of this session and more defensive small-sided games in the Soccer Awareness Training Center.