Defensive Pressing to Push Up Without Touching the Ball with a Back Three

This is a great session to teach the players and shows how they can push opponents back even when THE OPPONENTS have the ball.

We will try to push them back without even touching the ball ourselves. We start on the edge of our box we try to get our back three up to the half way line. Set Conditions will help us do this to start the process off.


  1. Defending team cannot tackle.
  2. Defending team CAN intercept a pass.
  3. Attacking team must play 1 or 2 touches due to the fact defenders cannot tackle so opponents cant dribble 1 v 1.

Coaching Points:

  1. Defenders press the ball as quickly as possible.
  2. Try to stop the forward pass, try to force a pass across the field or backwards.
  3. Defenders must recognize every opportunity to push up no matter how small a distance it may be.
  4. Sometimes its 5 yards up 3 yards back for example depending on the position of ball and if there is pressure on it.
  5. Try to intercept the pass and gain possession.

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