Finishing Techniques From Wide Strikers

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A simple set up to practice movement off the ball. (A) and (B) pass the ball back and forth, on the third pass the movement begins and (A) makes the desired pass.

Do BOTH sides so players get to finish both sides with both feet. Or the Striker can use a code word for when the pass is made. “Code Word” can be anything you like. You can create new ideas yourself and using this set up means it is easy to recreate.

Sequence is (S) shoots, then (D) becomes (S) and (A) becomes (D) and (S) becomes (B) and we rotate through each player so everyone gets the chance to finish on goal. Or you may have more players to keep the momentum going.

You can use this session as young as U8 in my opinion obviously simplifying it for the younger players.

Start position inside. Movement outside to take the defender wide. If the defender does not follow then get it to feet to run at him 1 v 1. If he does follow then perform an OPPOSITE run, outside to inside.  (7) coming inside on stronger left foot to shoot.

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