Five Gates Dribbling Activity

Work on your team’s dribbling with this drill from the Soccer Awareness Training Center.

55 x 44 yard area organized as shown. Three areas are created using flags. Five gates are created using cones as shown. An 8v8 is organized in the playing area with both teams arranged in a 3:3:2 formation.

15 minutes - Both teams compete for possession of the ball. Players are positioned in each of the thirds of the field as shown.

Players score by dribbling over the opponents’ end line or by dribbling through any of the five gates located in the playing area.

Players can only leave their third of the field by dribbling forward.

Diagram illustrates player (A) receiving a pass, beating his marker and dribbling into the next third of the field.

Coaching Points:

  1. Encourage dribbling in all areas.

  2. Spread out side-to-side and end-to-end.

  3. Spread immediately when goalkeeper receives the ball.

  4. Attack at pace.

  5. Create 1v1 situations by moving away from the player in possession.

Cool Down: 5-10 minutes light jogging and stretching.

NOTE: Depending on the ability of the players it may be advisable to take more than 5 minutes to move through each exercise phase.

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