How We Set Our Teams Up At 8 v 8

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To relate the field positions of the 8 v 8 players in the 3-3-1 to the 4-2-3-1 formation for the 11 v 11 we do the following:

We do not include center backs 4 or 5.

Number 10 in 8 v 8 can be represented as EITHER a number 8 or a number 10 in 11 v 11. 

Both types of player work for this.

The rest of the players mirror the positions of the same numbered players in 11 v 11 that being: the keeper 1, fullbacks / wing backs 2 and 3.

Central defensive midfielder 6 (who can play center back or center midfield)

7 being wide right (midfielder / winger / wide striker), 

11 wide left (midfielder / winger / wide striker) and 

9 is the central striker.

So using this method, we are creating really consistent and relevant developmental training that can be easily transferred from the 8 v 8 model to the 11 v 11 model.

This means the movements and types of plays technically and tactically we want to teach at U11 and 11 v 11 are already being established at U7, U8; U9 and U10

Using Cones as reference points for team shape defensively then team shape offensively. This is the team shape start.

8 v 8 defensive shape

Attacking shape is now a 3-1-3. Zone 14 is the area between the opponents.

8 v 8 attacking shape