One Touch Finishing Drill - Training Center Exclusive

70% of all goals are scored with one touch so it is important to practice this technique regularly. (1) runs around the cone at pace to receive the pass from (2). Go left then right varying the call to keep the players concentrating. Each player except the one running has a ball to serve. Player switches sides each time. One touch finishing.

This is a continuous practice with lots of work for the keeper also. As soon as a pass has gone in call the next player to start their run.

one touch drill.png

Develop – Vary the service with easy passes to begin so we get a lot of goals then chip it in for volleys, half volleys, headers, diving headers, and so on (players can throw the ball in to maintain accurate service if needed to ensure strikes on goal). Working on a positive attitude to score, accuracy and/or power, correct shot selection, awareness of rebounds. Have players counting the number of goals they score (competitive).

First team to score 10 goals is the winner. Alternatively the coach can stand behind the cone and receive the pass and vary the service for the end product, creating opportunities to volley and half volley the ball, even head it on goal. Vary the distance from the goal depending on what you want to achieve.