One Touch Give and Go Passing and Receiving Drill - Training Center Exclusive

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Emphasis: Accuracy and weight of one-touch passing

Set-up: 10 x 10 yard grid. 4-5 players per grid with one player designated as server. Two cones are placed at the mid-point of the grid. The server is positioned at the end of the grid with a supply of balls as shown. The remaining players begin at the opposite side of the grid.

one touch give and go drill

Objective: The first player in line must jog forward towards the server. The server must pass (1) a ball to the player when he reaches the cones (midpoint of the grid). The player must attempt to return the ball accurately to the server with a one-touch pass (2). The next player in line begins the sequence immediately after the player in front has completed the pass. Play is continuous for a designated period of time.

Progression: Limit the server to one touch to increase the tempo of the exercise.

Coaching Points:

  • Lock the ankle with the toe slightly pointed up.

  • Non-kicking foot must be placed in line with the target.

  • Follow through and adjust the weight as necessary.