One Touch Weight and Accuracy Passing Drill

The following drill comes from Soccer Awareness eBook 3: 33 Passing And Receiving Practices For U6 To U10.

If players can't pass and receive the ball in soccer, they will not be successful. The coach of youth players should emphasize technical training while also having a basic understanding of correct technical execution. This can be accomplished using a variety of conditioned games to teach techniques in a way that provides plenty of repetition. This book contains 33 passing and receiving drills that you can implement with your team. Each exercise is explained and important coaching points are emphasized. Click here to preview

Emphasis: Executing one-touch passes with the correct accuracy and weight.

Set-up: 15 x 15 yard grid. Five players per group with one player designated as server. Flags are placed to create a target area at one end of the grid as shown. Players begin at the opposite end of the grid. A supply of balls is placed next to the server.

Objective: The first player in line must run forward, receive a pass from the server and one-touch the ball towards the target area. Points are awarded if the ball comes to rest inside the target area. After each attempt the next player in line repeats the sequence. Each player must quickly retrieve their ball; return it to the server before joining the back of the line. Play is continuous for a predetermined period of time. Switch the server after each round of play.

one touch passing drill

Progression: Introduce a competition format – first player or group to 5 points wins.

Coaching Points:

  • Lock the ankle with the toe slightly pointed up.
  • Non-kicking foot must be placed in line with the target.
  • Redirect the ball towards the target area.
  • Follow through and adjust the weight as necessary.

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