Passing and Support Using Seven Players

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With this overload situation it is a very good opportunity to practice overlaps, 1 – 2’s, diagonal runs in front of the ball and takeovers.

If you include a keeper then this player can pass the ball into any of the four attackers and (A) and (B) can close them down as the ball travels. Try to create a 2 v 1 set up somewhere on the field of play from the 4 v 2 situation.

Players can make their plays using each other’s movement as a decoy as well as an exchange of possession of the ball.

Playing offside makes this set up more realistic.

Condition the attacking players where they can only score with two touches (or only one touch if possible).

passing and support.png

The above set up shows a typical overlap situation. (1) Can make two decisions; to pass to (2) on the overlap or use (2)’s run to take (B) out of position and come inside with the ball creating a 2 v 1 against (A).

It is important for players to realize (in this case player 2) that they make runs to create space for themselves and also for their teammates.