Quick Break Transition 2 v 2 Game

The following session is an excerpt from “Soccer Awareness Coaching Curriculums presented by Game Sizes: 4 v 4, 7 v 7, 9 v 9 through to 11 v 11

This eBook covers up to 14 weeks of training for each game size presented as one session per week. All sessions have small sided games scrimmage set ups as close as we can get it to finish to reflect the theme of the session As the program moves from 4 v 4 through to 11 v 11 the focus changes from individual teachings at 4 v 4, to small sided situations at 7 v 7, to Phases of play and tactical needs at 9 v 9; through to team tactical development at 11 v 11. 11 v 11 focuses on advanced training ideas to teach the “team”.

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  1. 1. A 2 v 2 game going to 4 goals. The team who scores stays on and must quickly defend the 2 new players coming in (one from each goal that the opposition defends).

  2. Instant transition with the same ball that the opponents scored with, here (3) and (4) are positioned to immediately bring the ball the opponents’ may score with out to attack. The other two players (1) and (2) must get off the field ASAP.

  3. The 1st thought of the player on the ball has to be “Can I score?”

  4. The 1st thought of the 1st defender is can I stop them scoring, win possession immediately, and score myself. First team to 10 goals wins, keeping the competitive element.

2v2 target game image 1

Coaching Points Attacking:

  1. Quick break and counter attack

  2. Switching the point of attack if another goal is more open

  3. Quick one and two touch passing

  4. Positioning to open up passing lanes and getting between defenders to pass the ball in early

  5. Creating 2 v 1 situations from a 2 v 2 set up and setting up a give and go.

Coaching Points Defending:

2v2 target game 2
  1. Instant pressure as possession changes (transition after scoring going from being an attacker to being a defender)

  2. Regaining possession at the front with a scoring reward

  3. Getting in front of the passing lanes to prevent the quick pass into the goal.

  4. Working together with pressure and support, the support player supporting the first defender, stepping across and covering the passing lane to the second goal and also keeping an eye on the 2nd attacker.

Transition Coaching Points:

Immediately the team that has been in possession of the ball and has scored then they must switch on mentally to become defenders and high pressure the new attacking team to try to win the ball back.


  1. Allow back passes to the players in their own goal so they can support the two (or three) attacking players on the ball.

  2. Allow them only one touch so they have to pass it quickly, make a quick decision and players receiving all need to get open to help them.

  3. Vary the number of touches on the ball depending on the age and level of the players and their ability to perform.

Quick transition 3 against 3

Do the same set up but with three goals either side of the field and 3 v 3 games.

It offers more options of passes in the field of play and starts to get the players thinking about triangular support or diamond support if the ball is with a supporting player off the field. A diamond set up.