Quick Play Drill Working on Passing and Moving to Create Space

The goal is to teach:

  1. Playing in tight areas, 
  2. Developing fast feet, 
  3. Positioning off the ball
  4. Developing a spinning head or rubber neck I call it
  5. Defending condensing attacking spreading out
  6. Teaching spacing and moving into passing lanes (between cones and between opponents) to get free (VERY important)
  7. Scoring goals
  8. Defending team short and tight attacking team wide and long

Warm Up for Quick Play 

A ball each passing and moving playing 1 and 2 touches only. Avoiding the cones which represent opponents. Learning to position in the best space possible between cones 

quick play warm up

Quick Play

Restricted area to play in. Cones represent opponents so players must avoid passing close to them or positioning close to them. Blue cones the free players so always an overload.

quick play drills

Quick Play Adding Goals  

Now a REAL GAME SITUATION. Keeping score making it competitive working between restricted number of touches and unlimited touches to test players peripheral vision and awareness.

quick play with goals