Simple 3 Player Rotational Combination Movements to Teach

The following information is an excerpt from Soccer Awareness eBook 9: How to Develop Spatial Awareness. This 60 page eBook teaches rotational combination movements to teach in 11 v 11.

Positioning and rotations correctly “off the ball” is vital for team success. We begin with a description of the roles of each player and how and where they can move to compliment each other. After establishing the roles and responsibilities of each player, we look at how small movements off the ball can open up spaces for players and create passing lanes.

3 player rotational combinations

(9) Short, (10) wide, (7) inside from outside.

So (9) becomes (10), (10) becomes (7); (7) becomes (9).

soccer rotational combinations

The set up is for (3), (10) and (11) to work together and move opponents around to free up space for each other.

We hope the defenders react slowly to our movements that are preplanned so they are not aware of what we are going to do which should give us the edge.

(9) can pull away to clear the space for (11) also.

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