South Coast Soccer Club

Hello everyone connected to Soccer Awareness,

We are wanting you to be aware of our intentions for the future.

We are planning for three things here, of which we hope you will be interested in at least one or two of them; but preferably all three.

We are sending this out to various age groups and players from 2008 to 2002 boys and girls we already have with the Tiffiny league teams and who have worked in soccer awareness before as a means to get started.

We have identified particular players we know well who can be great ambassadors for us on the field and we will be inviting them to play for us officially in our club without a tryout as I know them all so well personally.. 

Beyond that if we need more players for any teams we will ask you to recommend friends who can play and we will also hold tryouts for new players to join us in January.

So; Loyalty to those who have been loyal to us as a good beginning.

We have:

  1. Soccer Awareness Training
  2. Tiffiny league teams
  3. South Coast Soccer Club: Our new club which will play at recreational and competitive level
  • A Perfect scenario is we create teams for our club competitively to be eligible to play (we need 5), we join a local league (in the works), we enter local tournaments and we put these same teams into the Tiffiny league to teach them the game correctly; diligently and in a relaxed but focused manner to prepare them for the tournaments and the league later in September and beyond. 
  • So train the soccer awareness way, learn team development in the Tiffiny league to prepare for tournaments, the league; and state cup soccer later. 
  • Coupled with this we intend to build a great recreational program which we will build teams from within to have a conveyor belt of education and development for those who want to move onto competitive level with us, and for those who just want to play purely for the love of the game.
  • An all-round package to help your children develop in the best way possible and using a professional Curriculum developed over 30 years using experience and knowledge gained from the professional game.
  • Most obsess about academy; but realistically maybe 1% will get to Division One college; so do you need it? And will the coaching be better than what we teach? Like many clubs we can call ourselves an academy but we are more honest than that. That is not to say our training will not be at academy level as I have been Head Technical Director for two Professional academies at Blackpool in England and at Al Ain in the Middle East in the past. Our curriculum is based on Professional academy training that I have developed myself and used in those said academies with great success.
  • Question: Will the coaches be better qualified than myself:  A UEFA "A" License coach since 1996. The top professional coaching qualification, or Bashar our top professional keeper and team coach who also has the professional Asian "A" license.. (Or those coaches we will be training to teach your children?). 
  • We bring expertise; and most important professional knowledge and experience.          
  • So why be on a 2nd; 3rd or 4th team at a big "academy" club (or an 8th team in some cases; so big are some clubs); when you have the potential to be on a top team with us ? 
  • We believe we can offer a more competitively priced, a very well trained and a very heartfelt experience for the players; and a feel-good factor for the parents too. We want everyone involved not held at arms length and excluded.
  • We want to create a real Community feel to our club where there is a real sense of belonging. 

Please go to the South Coast Soccer Club portion of website to see our first thoughts, very soon we will have a very professionally presented website to work off which will be second to none. The information you see on the website will answer most of your likely questions but if there are some they don't then please contact us directly.

Most of you know Mary and I very well now, we have been living here 5 years and know the local soccer territory well now, you know our intentions are honest and real, and I have the experience of being a Director of Coaching for over 23 years, and at professional level too, with many recorded successes at professional National Championship level too; so we believe we can be taken very seriously in the youth soccer market in Southern California in time. 

If interested please let us know, we will have tryouts in January 2017 for new players for our club at both recreational and competitive levels with a big marketing campaign planned; but this is a chance to get a heads up and be in a team with us from the beginning. 

This can work for you for all the right reasons. 

And just so you can see it for yourself please take a really close look at my resume to see what we will be bringing to the field in your child's education of the beautiful game.

Best wishes, Wayne And Mary