Switching the Point of Attack

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Here we show how to overload one side of the field to leave the other side open to catch opponents with a very fast switch of play. Rather than player rotation; this is BALL rotation and retention.

Attacking Setup

switching the point of attack 1

Start positions for the attack players forming big spaces between each other to open up passing lanes. We get as BIG as possible. We will next begin to overload one side of the field and make it the strong side.

Drawing Defenders Towards the Ball

We play (11) in wide but keep players on the weak side of the field wide and open. We want to draw the opponents towards the ball with our initial movements of players close to the ball and drawing them away from the WEAK side. Now here you see (2) and (7) almost forgotten and on the BLIND / WEAK SIDE of play.

Switching the Point of Attack

Switching the Point of Attack 3

Now we play two very fast passes to change the point of attack and we see (8) getting involved also on the blind / weak side of the field catching the opponents off guard.

Being Patient to Create the Switch

switching the point of attack 4

We may even keep the ball there for a few passes to draw them in even more and being patient and showing no interest for the other side of the field. Then we hit them hard with the fast switch of play and we have 3 players in wide open space to attack the goal.

Now Showing Defenders Obvious Recovery Runs for Clarity

Now (2) overlaps (7) to get into a crossing position and in the meantime as the switch is happening (8), (9), (10) and (11) get in finishing positions in and around the box. (6) ready to drop back in should the opponents win the ball and counter attack.