Teaching Inverted Runs from Outside to Inside

Teaching Inverted Runs from Outside to Inside

Pep Guardiola has introduced INVERTED FULLBACK / WINGBACK movements to the Premier league. It’s a real statement of intent to introduce radical ideas from the norm and we are sure in time it will be an effective change in the game set up.

Here Wayne shows how these inverted runs work having implemented them with his own team over a year ago with great success and hence winning one of the toughest leagues in the country at U14; the Southern California CRL league.

These inverted movements created confusion in the opponents defensive set ups and he also added wingers making the same moves as opposed to the wing backs (which is more common). Defensively now this would mean with (6) dropping back in; the second line of defenders would be (2), (8) and (3) getting compact as a three centrally.

Add this variation to your team, it opens up new attacking and defending challenges for your opponents

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