Teaching One Touch to Develop the Thinking Process

This drill is an excerpt of Teaching a One Touch Mentality Thru the Three Team Awareness Possession Game - Training Center Exclusive

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This game and its many progressions are designed to get the most out of the thinking processes of the players. Many mental challenges to overcome and learn from. Read More

Three teams three balls. Passing and moving playing 1 touch only. Use 2 if necessary. 1 touch is successful if a) the player receiving observes his or her options BEFORE receiving the ball and b) teammates move off the ball to be in passing lanes to receive a pass.

The other teams “get in the way” of the spaces so players must ALSO observe where the other 2 team players are.


Coaching points:

  • Open body stance to allow a yard or more extra space away from defenders by letting the ball run across the body into preconceived space

  • Looking before receiving to know in advance of the receiving pass; where the defending players are, where the space is, where team mates are free to receive a pass, how many options there are to move the ball on

  • Movement OFF the ball is a priority both to receive it and after passing it.

Progressions: Increase difficulty for attackers by:

  • Reducing the zone size.

  • Decreasing the number of touches on the ball of each player.