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All start positions should be with the idea of getting the ball into the strikers’ feet to receive it with their back to goal; and then developing the play from there.

Emphasize the striker getting across the defender if the defender tries to get in front of them to intercept the pass to them, and using their body to block them off.

This can be a big problem for a striker if they are not aware of where the defender marking them is.

Secondary movements and developments will result from there.

Using the three R’s to teach this; Review, rehearse and restart.

Warm Up:


In 4’s, receiving and turning or passing back and playing forward, first thought is can I turn and beat the defender and pass to the target, otherwise the passing player gets the ball back and plays it forward to the target, so the striker then acts as a rebound player.

Strikers must be strong to keep the ball at their feet doing this and back into the defender in the process.

The striker can do this side on to the defender too (to help their peripheral vision for seeing opponents and their own teammates), and protecting the ball with their body using the opposite foot to maintain possession. Once the ball is at the other side the defending players become attackers and have to do the same back.

Teach receiving both with the inside and the outside of the feet. Strikers can drop their shoulders one way and move the other as a feint to fool the defender.

If there is no space behind for a player to pass into them then strikers need to get the ball to feet and be able to work from there.

Coaching Points:

  1. Using the body to hold the defender off, so the striker initially backs into the defender

  2. Communication between the passer and receiver as to where the receiver wants the ball (using verbal or visual cues)

  3. A good first touch (perhaps turning with the ball on the first touch)

  4. Receiving and turning beating the defender 1 v 1 to shoot on goal, using the defenders body as a pivot

  5. If the striker can’t turn then try to work a combination with the 2nd striker and act as a rebound player

  6. Lay the ball off to a midfield player to develop the secondary phase of play from there

  7. Get a finish on goal

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