The 3 Team Transition Game for Attacking Players In and Around the Box - Training Center Exclusive

1. Three teams the outside team works with the inside attacking team. Great to teach both defending and attacking play.

2. First team to score 2 goals stays on; the losing team goes off

3. Keep the score for number of wins per team

4. Transition game: Defending team wins the ball, they must pass to the outside team to then attack.

5. Teaches the mentality of transitional change.

6. Developing Quick Play in and around the box

7. As soon as the team lose possession they must try to defend on the offside line and beyond, thus immediately pushing opponents away from the goal

8. Using the set up through the “numbers” to suit how we set our teams up


Three team game: The Set Up

Constant Transitioning from attacking to defending as possession changes


Attacking Play

Quick break using the overlapping wingback (3)


Crossing behind the defense

Defenders recover, attackers pressure, (3) drives the ball behind the recovering defenders


Striker (9) moves AWAY from the ball: The Crespo

(9) Off the shoulder of (5) to receive Facing forward. Short and sharp movements


Check away and back across: The Crespo

(9) Off the shoulder of (5) who follows the run. (9) checks back into the space he created


Subtle movements by the striker to get free

(9) Checks back into space to receive to feet and side on to attack (5) 1 v 1


Opposite Run by (9): The Vialli Check

(9) Checks back into space to receive. to feet (5) stays tight, (9) spins back in


Opposite Run by (9): Del Piero Spin Away

(9) Checks back into space to receive. to feet (5) stays tight, (9) spins away and back in


Short to create space behind for another player

(9) Checks back into space to receive. to feet (5) stays tight, (11) cuts inside


Check to and back: The Vialli Check

(4) Tucks in to close the space as (5) gets tight. (9) reads the pass between (4) and (3)


Combination and Link Play

Round the corner pass from (9). (7) times the run between (3) and (4) to stay onside


1 v 1’s in and around the penalty box

Try to create 1 v 1 s for players to run at and commit opponents


Or creating give and go’s: short and sharp

The old 1- 2 is one of the best (and simplest) moves ever. Timing of pass and run vital


An Example: Creating THIRD MAN runs

(7) And (11) provide two options in behind the opponents back four


Creating THIRD MAN runs: another idea

(10) Starts the move and finishes it.


Blindside THIRD MAN runs

Players watch the ball go to (11) and maybe don’t see the run by (10) or (7)?

Keeper saves the ball and distributes quickly

Defenders now have the ball and play out to transition back


Now defenders are attackers

Defenders now have the ball and play out to transition back


Defenders win the ball and now Transition

A bad pass by (6). Defenders must pass to the outside and they then become the attackers


Transition Defending to Attacking

Good to teach the front four how to defend effectively


Compare to Pressing in the Attacking Third

Now (9) presses the ball like it is in the attacking third, all work together.


Defending Principles taught also

Attacking team give it away, defending team pass it out and get into position to attack


Defending Principles taught also

As the attacking team transition back, the defending team MUST push up also


Defending Principles taught also

Exaggerated; but Immediately the defending team must push up and leave opponents offside.