The "Awareness" Numbers Game

Awareness Numbers Game

Game Objective: Teaching Players to be Aware of their Next Option “Before” They Receive the Ball and Not After

You can have players static to begin then have them passing and moving. Player receives from the same person and passes to the same person each time. This develops great awareness of time, space and player positions. Continuous work on and off the ball. Awareness of : where the player you receive from is and where the player you pass to is. Because of this players begin to anticipate the pass to them and where it is coming from. Also they must look to where it is going to (where is the player they are passing to?).

Coaching Points:

  1. Creating Space
  2. Quality Passing
  3. Support positioning; early movement off the ball
  4. Players look before they receive to see own players positions, opponents players positions and space.
  5. Players are looking two moves ahead not just one.For instance as (1) is about to pass to (2), (3) should be looking to support (2) for the next pass already, looking two moves ahead before the ball leaves (1). Peripheral Vision Development results from this.