The Three Team Awareness One Touch Game

Working with three teams (numbers depends on how many players you have, e.g. it can be 4 v 4 + 4 or 5 v 5 + 5 etc). Teams (1) and (2) work together to keep the ball from team (3). If team (3) regains possession the team who gave it away becomes the defenders. The defenders reward is they keep the ball and link with the other team.

Rules: Once possession is gained, to establish who gave the ball away the player who gave the ball away calls the color of his team and then everyone knows they are now defending and the game continues without a stoppage.

With younger players it may be best to do this (because the ball may be given away a lot more for one thing); whoever won the ball puts his or her foot on the ball to stop play and the coach can call out the team who gave it away. Play begins again working on transitions.

Develop: Increase difficulty for attackers by

  1. Reducing the zone size.
  2. Decreasing the number of touches on the ball of each player.
  3. Conditioning the passing to be only to the other attacking team’s players e.g. (1) only passes to (2) and vice versa, therefore only half the numbers of passes are available per player.
  4. Using two balls so that as they pass one ball they are now increasing their awareness and vision by looking for the other ball coming.
  5. Players take off their pinnies so they really have to look and can’t rely on color identification.
  6. No talking or pointing, so players have to rely on their own vision.
  7. Prohibiting verbal communication