The Tiffiny League and Wayne Harrison

  • We currently have two Soccer Awareness teams, 2002s and 2005s, playing in the competitive Tiffiny league in Vista and will be building upon that for the upcoming Spring league when many clubs are in their down time. 
  • Both teams have signed up again already within 3 days of advertising for the Spring League showing the success of this (starting March 6th, through June 14th; 14 games and 14 training nights), we would like more teams to participate with us and discover the benefits of the Soccer Awareness training model. 
  • You can stay at your clubs but still play for us and experience more educational game and training situations; nothing is affected by it. 
  • It supplements the work your clubs do with your children. 
  • Both Boys and Girls teams catered for and some mixed where appropriate. 
Soccer Awareness Tiffiny League

Yes we want to develop winners too, but we want to teach THE RIGHT PHILOSOPHIES ABOUT THE GAME FIRST, and winning the Right Way is a consequence of it over a period of patience and time. 
PLEASE INQUIRE THROUGH about the Tiffiny league and how you sign up your son or daughter.

What do you get from playing the Tiffiny league and Soccer Awareness training?

A focus on the "Pure Development" of players; no pressure to win; though still encouraged to play in a very competitive environment; with mistakes used solely as "building blocks and support" for personal improvement as individuals and team players and not used as negative criticism or viewed as forms of failure, rather as forms of positive learning.

  1. Coaching by Wayne Harrison: UEFA "A" license coach since 1996; Degree educated in Sports  Psychology, Ex-Professional player and Professional Head coach at Youth and Senior level.
  2. Both Game day coaching and training time development by Wayne himself, hands on teaching.
  3. Thirty years of coaching and educational experience including Wayne's greatest achievement to date; Developing a Coaching and Player Training and Educational Academy program that resulted in his youth teams at Al Ain and at Professional Level in the United Arab Emirates; winning 7 National Championships at various ages over his time in charge as the DOC and with several 2nd place finishes in that time period also.
  4. A wealth of knowledge available through Wayne's 14 published Coaching books; 32 E Coaching Books and numerous videos presented by him on the game at the highest levels of it.
  5. A proven and factual track record of success by Wayne in the soccer development of players and teams alike.
  6. Most of all: Its REALLY FUN and the players LOVE IT; as do the Parents.
  7. Great Fun, Stress Free; Positive, Educational, Developmental, Patient; Supportive, Encouraging, Engaging; Open minded; Detail focused; AND PROVEN success from the Soccer Awareness methods of teaching.

What will you SEE at the Tiffiny league games? 

Tiffiny League
  1. Sorry, no focus on Winning for the sake of, but teaching winning the RIGHT WAY over time; even if we concede a goal or two because of trying to teach correctly.
  2. Modern day tactical play from the professional game embraced by the coach and taught to the players
  3. Building play from the keeper through the back players and advancing up the field this way, with encouragement to try things and take chances to learn from it
  4. NO BOOT BALL: kicking it long for the striker to chase down and "hope" we win it.
  5. No negative shouting from the sidelines; just pure positive coaching and help
  6. Teams encouraged to play a "Possession based" style of soccer with a forward passing and moving purpose to it; but passing back and across and starting again when necessary.
  7. Teaching Tempo in the game: Players learning to be patient and keep the ball; even slow it down until the time is right to attack; not just running around for the sake of it
  8. Teaching the Value of WIDTH, few teams ever use this correctly or effectively, watch us; you will see the difference.
  9. Players learning to rotate and play different positions; not just be stuck in one position:   The modern game is played this way with "Multi Functional Players" the norm now
  10. Defending, learning to press quickly as an individual and as a team in a structured and effective manner using the 6 second rule of regaining possession
  11. Shared playing time for all, everyone given fair opportunities to play.
  12. Players having a great time and wanting more.