U14s Move Up in the National Rankings and More Testimonials

My team Manager was kind enough to write this so we wanted to share his thoughts in order to show the improvement and hard work of the players since he wrote it. We won 5 out of 5 games but unfortunately lost 3-2 in the final in Las Vegas this past week. That said, we stay ranked Number 1 in Southern California, moved up to Number 2 in the Region (the team who beat us are Number One) and we moved up the National rankings with the points we gained to 6th best in the USA. 

It's a long process to change a philosophy of playing but the boys have worked really hard to adapt from a long ball game to playing as a team.

Wayne congratulating his U14 boys runners up in the Mayor Cup las Vegas ⚽️

Posted by Soccer Awareness on Monday, February 15, 2016

Kevin Sanchez Team Manager of Wayne Harrison’s U14s

Exactly 1 year ago today we played in a friendly against Pats IE where Marco and I coached. Communication on the team was poor, and tensions were high. The fate of our team was unclear. We got crushed. We were hovering around 11,000 - 14,000 points and were #5 in Cal South and #50 nationally. The team had been used to enjoying success but we were clearly at a major turning point. At the time, we had no idea who Wayne Harrison was.                                

Here we stand exactly 1 year later with 22,183 points, #1 in Cal South, #4 in Region 4, and #12 in the Nation.  Best of all, we play a totally different game of soccer now and the kids on this team have developed tremendously! To think we have accomplished all of this without proper training facilities. Today we have a major opportunity to win a significant tournament, move farther up the rankings, and show those that have doubted us who we are and what we are capable of!  -  Kevin Sanchez

Testimonial by Gary Pires for Soccer Awareness Training

Although my son Eli has been training with Wayne for over a year and a half, the benefits of working with him were immediate.  Under Wayne’s tutelage, Eli continues to develop as a soccer player both technically and mentally.  Wayne has a wealth of knowledge, a passion for soccer and an energetic positive coaching style that works well with young soccer players.  Eli is a smarter player and has more confidence under pressure because of Wayne's guidance. Wayne’s Soccer Awareness coaching philosophy has equipped Eli with the ability to read the game quickly, determine his options before receiving the ball and make better choices as to dribbling or making a one-touch pass to get out of trouble.  Also, Eli’s decisions to make runs off the ball have improved greatly.  Wayne is a fantastic coach who connects with his athletes and shares his passion for the game with his athletes through humor, high level drills and scrimmages.

This year Eli tried out for the LA Galaxy SD 2005 team along 160 other kids and he made the top Pre-Academy team also being the only player a year younger to do so.  I honestly feel Wayne’s training directly contributed to helping Eli achieve his goal of making the top LA Galaxy SD team.  While I have witnessed a tremendous improvement with my own son, I have also witnessed first-hand the improvement of many of the kids that come regularly to Wayne’s
training sessions.  If you have a son or daughter that have a passion for soccer, I highly recommend Wayne Harrison’s Soccer Awareness training sessions!

Gary Pires

Cle Kooiman: Ex- USA International player who played in the World Cup in 1994 and now DOC of Inland Empire Soccer Club on Waynes Soccer Awareness Training

Hello Wayne, You came and ran one session for my club 2 years ago. You have enlightened my soccer senses in every respect. You have two thumbs up and I wish u had a twin to help up here. Your coaching style is off the charts and I appreciate all you do. 😀😀😀🎉🎉

Good luck in the sport. 
Forever a fan.

Testimonial by Vic Rosencrans for Soccer Awareness Training

"Our son Jacob has always been a hard worker, especially when it comes to soccer. He started playing a bit later than most of his friends – at U-9, and initially, was visibly behind his teammates in both skill and intellectual aspects of the game, but he never shied away from any opportunities to train and practice, and slowly but steadily started catching up. At the same time, his improvement over the last year was exponentially greater than all the progress he’s made previously, and we believe Wayne Harrison’s training made the most significant contribution to that.

Without going into specifics of Wayne’s philosophy and core tenets of his training (the numerous books he wrote, as well as all the material on his website could certainly do better job than us), the end result is quite apparent: Wayne’s constant and consistent focus on players’ soccer awareness and intellectual development and his natural ability to engage kids at a very early age certainly pays great dividends. Miraculously, Jacob is more confident on and off the ball, makes split second decisions (which predominantly are the correct ones), plays with visible poise and confidence even against older and physically more dominant players, does his best to exercise half-a touch mentality thinking about his options prior to receiving the ball.

Also worth noting, Wayne’s training does not stop with kids. He educates parents as well, recapping every training session with at least an email that details exactly what was accomplished and for what purpose. Such extensive insight into the why’s and how’s of his training makes it so much easier for parents who are interested to be in a position to help their children to excel."

Vic Rosencrans