Watch: Soccer Awareness Team Game Video

In this video taken of our team you can see them playing the ball on the ground, the passing and movement, the quick one touch play and the pace of the counter attack. These are all things I work on in Soccer Awareness training sessions. I do 11 v 11 tactical development sessions that result in this.

  • They boot it out. 
  • WE control the ball, right center back 4 Feints to go right then passes inside to our middle center back 6 who pushes forward to receive the pass from our right center back 4. 
  • One touch pass to number 8, one touch pass to number 10, one touch layoff back to number 8, then 2 or 3 touches by 8 running with the ball then a defense splitting pass inside their fullback to our wide left 11. 
  • 11 plays it inside to 9 who shoots on goal and hits the bar.
  • So within 12 to 15 seconds we have gone from wide right in defense to wide left in attack and gotten a shot on goal without opponents touching the ball.

This is what they are learning, how to play the game correctly.

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Merry Christmas,
Wayne Harrison