When you think about it; do you or your child “really” know what his or her strengths and weaknesses are as an individual player / as a team player?  Do you get the detailed feedback you need from your clubs / schools / Colleges to help their short term and long term development?

Clubs are often so big, and there are so many players to cater for, coaches unfortunately have very little time to really delve into the details needed of each player to help them become the best they can be. No ones fault; its just a fact of life. We can offer this service to you.

At Soccer Awareness our training has proven with many players it vastly improves each player over a period of time when they focus on Awareness Training we have many testimonials from parents proving this and that are all available to see here.

But this is just the actual work on the field in training; it doesn’t cover what is actually going on in the head of each player. We can only give our feedback from the training which isn’t of course the game situation itself where the pressure is really on. We can observe players in our own Tiffiny league environment where I think we see the best of players due to the nature of how we coach and how they are encouraged to play, to learn off mistakes not be chastised for them and where next time due to this they are often afraid to try something again. 

This pressure isn’t in our games as it shouldn’t be in any games. Players need a relaxed and clear head when they play not one of panic and pressure where their thoughts cannot be transmitted correctly due to too much stress. It’s a fact that players play better relaxed than feeling tension, (there will always be an exception or two) but 95% of the time players react to positive feedback much better than to negative feedback. 

But the reality is in club soccer there is more pressure, more need to win regardless of how, less opportunity to really develop oneself as a player where mistakes are a crisis not a learning situation. So its important how players react to making a mistake and are able to cope with it. It’s a fact of life; lets not hide from it; but rather; lets help players to cope with it psychologically.

We provide a service to evaluate your son or daughter in their development as a soccer player. We identify strengths and weaknesses and provide solutions to help them be the best they can be. We have various packages you can subscribe to which can include:

  • Game Situation Analysis
  • Evaluations based on observation at actual games
  • Feedback and solutions
  • Offering specific Training programs to follow
  • Goal setting and self evaluation
  • Psychological support
  • Specific Training with Soccer Awareness based on your child's needs
  • Developing a program based on the Technical, Tactical, Psychological; Physical and Skill (decision making) components required by an individual player

Through our services you will get a comprehensive package of information that will help each and every player become the best they can be. In Wayne Harrison you have a professionally trained ex-player and professionally qualified coach with a background of success at youth level over 30 years. He has held the Prestigious UEFA “A” license since 1996 and is sought after to present at major symposiums around the world teaching his philosophy. His goal in teaching has always been one to “develop” players to their potential not to focus on winning at all costs. From this development winning the right way will emerge. Wayne has a degree in Sports Psychology and closely studies and exclusively writes about the “Thinking” part of the game; having written 14 hard back books on soccer development; including 32 E books all actively bought from coaches around the world; and in particular the Book “Soccer Awareness: Developing the Thinking player” which focuses entirely on the psychology of the game. That is happening “in the head” of every player. See Wayne Harrison's Bio

This is what Soccer Awareness Training is all about and what makes it so unique in the soccer coaching market. This is perhaps THE most “under taught” part of the game, what happens in the HEAD of the player.

Vastly Famous World Class International Player and Head Coach Johan Cruyff said, "You play football with your head, and your legs are there to help you." This is also what we believe and why we teach in this mode.


Wayne Harrison
Email: Soccerawareness@outlook.com
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Mary Harrison
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This is a long and time consuming process that will enable your child to have the best advice to get to the next level of their game. 

  1. Observation of player at two competitive club games
  2. A Fully compressive report on all aspects of the player's performances
  3. Identification of the player's strengths and weaknesses as an individual and as a team player
  4. A program designed to help them improve these specific areas of concern
  5. 4 training sessions with Soccer Awareness Training
  6. A Meeting with parents and player to discuss final conclusions on what to do to move forward
  7. Specific Goal setting for short and long term development for each player
  8. Self Evaluation: Offering professional advice and information on how players can self evaluate throughout the season and cope with a negative environment. Includes self talk, visualization and mental transition.

Cost: $495.

Follow up consultation with all of the above at a later date to monitor changes in performance over that period of time: $395


Payment to be made prior too Consulting Services 

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Proven Success

Wayne's biggest challenge at the professional level has been his experience as the Director of Youth Development in the United Arab Emirates at professional Football Club Al Ain near Dubai. He transformed the club in it's developmental model of teaching and helped many coaches gain their professional qualifications by teaching them the Soccer Awareness method and through this taught all the players this way of playing; and more importantly “thinking”. It was a major change in the method of teaching in the Arabic professional football world where the style of play became a much more European way. This resulted in his academy being named by the Abu Dhabi Sports council as the best professionally organized academy in the UAE, and the most successful results-wise academy in the country and also along the way they won 7 National Youth championships at various age groups; by far THE most successful academy in the country at professional level.

Marco Monte of World Renowned professional club Inter Milan, Italy and the Consultant for the Abu Dhabi Sports council said at the time, “The clubs current status with respect to technical affairs can be stated as one of the closest to the standards of the best European clubs.” High praise indeed from a man at the top of his profession.

Wayne is still in touch with many of his coaches from those days and knows his model is still being embraced.
Along the way his clubs youth teams beat the likes of top International professional clubs Inter Milan, Valencia, Manchester United, Atletico Madrid to name but a few. 

A further enlightening quote by Marco Monte on Wayne's work was the following: 

“They are well managed and organized by an Excellent Director of Coaching Wayne Harrison whose objective is to improve work on the pitch as well as to help the boys grow and develop without the anxiety of achieving results. The consultant is of the opinion that the clubs directors are the best one could wish for both in terms of experience and skill. The consultant is absolutely certain that the Al Ain club fully represents the model and the philosophy of youth football that can be a beacon for the other Emirati clubs”