Soccer Players, Boys & Girls ages 2007 to 2002 starts the weekend of April 1st

Games will be on saturday or sundays mornings.

14 Games

Location :-Luz Duran Park or Vista Sports Fields in Vista.

Tiffiny Recreational League Fees:- Approx 187.00 includes kit and Ref fees.

Call Ruby or Alma Office Number 760-806-7850 anytime after 4pm and before 8pm. Before March 17th 2017. All Players will need a copy of your current South Cal player card from your Team Manager and a birth certificate . Email:

Download the Cal South Registration Form

Coaching Fee:- to be paid by March 17th  to secure a spot on the Team

*The cost will be $150 for Coaching fees per player. 20% Sibling Discount applies.


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Number of games: Minimum is 14 with a potential of 16 or 17 with playoffs and finals so more to receive great education on team play with us playing different ways.

 Team tactical education: No doubt you will get your technique work in your club training but this tactical team play with us will potentially be something you do not get in quite such detail.

 We will keep it simple to understand but will show differences in how a team plays with a different system. 

 Style of play: The STYLE will be the same more or less when we have the ball which is possession of the ball and being patient and changing tempo when its needed. 

 Methods of attacking and defending may alternate "as a team" to give you a broader understanding of the game as colleges all offer different challenges at all levels so the more you understand now the better you will be later..

 Revising for games and alternate home education: You will get diagrams you can keep and revise and learn from. We will need each player to take time to read and understand these going into a game. 

 If you are really serious about playing in high school or college in the future then PLEASE take advantage of this learning opportunity.

 Coaching style: Will be more vocal than normal as we have to teach on the fly in many cases as we don't have the advantage of coaching the players a few times a week like clubs do but there is a way to make this a positive and effective process without distracting the players by the usual pontifications many of you will experience elsewhere..30 years of professional knowledge being passed on; on site instruction through the games; being taught different ways to play, AND tactical presentations to take away and review and revise based on all the latest methods of teaching and how the game is being player in Europe.. 

 Example of an alternative method of playing to learn: one way we can play that is counter to what we normally do but an important part of the game all the same. Yes its a longer pass but the idea is to play a long pass with QUALITY not just BOOT IT. This presentation is attached for all to review we will try this in the next fall season.Click here for presentation

 Please do not compare this particular way to play with the boot ball many teams play against us. 

 We have worked on 1-3-3-1-3 and -1-4-2-3-1 now we look at other ideas. 

 The attached session is a 5-4-1 GOING TO a 4-3-3 or almost a 4-2-4 in attack.

 Education FIRST: Again PLEASE remember this is an "Educational Experience" not a lets “win the league at all costs even if we play crap situation" and is designed to teach you more to then go back to your clubs with greater knowledge and understanding of the tactical game.

 Helping players understand the game better: I honestly think this type of developmental team training in a game situation will be quite a unique learning experience for each and every player who plays with us and will give them a psychological advantage over team mates in their regular teams who perhaps don't get taught this. 

 Compare? You all know how your club teams play do they experiment and teach new and different experiences to improve the kids soccer intelligence and understanding for the future or do they stick to the same plan “just to win”?? 

 Any questions please contact us.

 Best wishes, Wayne and Mary

Our Philosophy

1) Focusing on developing each player to their potential, both as an individual and team player.

2) No pressure to win, this allows players to relax and enjoy the game in the way it should be played.

3) Mistakes are welcome thats how players learn, no fear of failure or chastizment.

4) Training along side the games is all about Awareness, quick thinking fast pace and game situational

5) Boot ball is not allowed making long passes with a clear purpose is encouraged , there is a distinct difference between the two.

6) Players are encouraged to try different positions for their overall education. This takes them out of the comfort zone but it is good for them.

7) Of course we prefer to win but want to win by playing the right way. Which is possession with a purpose based.

8) Our focus will always be on development before winning, but from correct development winning will come.

9) When everyone sees this it is a joy to watch, win,lose or draw players have a great experience and go away better for it. Parents appreciate the positivity that surrounds our Tiffiny League teams.

Email:- with any other questions.