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Get Your Players to Understand the Four Phases of the Game and Create More Scoring Opportunities!

This 97 page eBook covers "Developing 4 Themes in One in a Game Situation."

The Four Phases

  • Phase One: Developing attacking play in the opponents defending third

  • Phase Two: Defending to win the ball to prepare to attack

  • Phase Three: Building Play from the back

  • Phase Four: Regaining possession in the attacking third

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What You Will Learn

  1. The ball is with the attacking team. We work on movement and rotation of players in attack to try to score.

  2. The defending team must try to win the ball so they have a defending focus until they win it.

  3. Once they win it we work on developing play out from the defending third initially showing how to develop play in a wide area in a function of play. We then show how the play develops from the back in a Phase of Play using many different ways to do so.

  4. The attacking team now must press in the attacking third to try to win the ball back as soon as possible to then be able to shoot on goal.

This eBook is what one of my main training sessions is based on. We actually train very often with this precise game situational model as it totally mirrors what I expect my team to do in the actual games. In doing so, we practice the same ideas over and over until they become AUTOMATIC when it matters.

I hope you enjoy this eBook. It's a great way to prepare your team for your games.

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