Soccer Awareness Developmental Team training programs by Wayne Harrison.

  1. Our Soccer awareness developmental training program for both coaches and players is getting a lot of interest and formal requests since we started on "full team training" as opposed to the regular individual training he provides.. 
  2. Due to this Wayne now will formally offer team training with your teams based on what YOU the coach wants him to focus upon. 
  3. Or, with discussion, he can offer his own thoughts on an effective way for your team to play based on style and system and you can decide between both of you the best way forward for your team. 
  4. Added to this you get an online booklet / presentation on everything he covered in these sessions that you can then use consistently with your players to reinforce each concept you want them to learn so they can bring it out into their games. 
  5. We offer the training in a minimum 4 session blocks, each session an hour and half long. Wayne will also follow up on any questions you have regarding what he taught and if you need more information. 
  6. We can offer discounts for longer term commitment to his training model as we do with the individual training. 
  7. As an FYI Wayne's last team, obviously based on his training model, rose from ranked 50th in the USA when he started with them at U14, to 5th in the Nation in less than a year due to his coaching and leadership with them. No one can disputed this its there in black and white. 
  8. They were were also ranked Number ONE in Southern California and Number ONE in our Region 4. They also won the "California Regional League" against all the top teams in this region which is absolute objective proof his methods work. When you consider Southern California is perhaps the toughest area in the whole of the USA to play in with so much fantastic talent here, this is quite an achievement. 
  9. So we have created a great training model and also have objective proof it actually works. 

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Teaching five Themed sessions with specific Conditions with the primary focus being teaching Peripheral Vision and Movement OFF and AWAY from the ball