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  • STANDARD PLAN: Full Access to the Soccer Awareness library of 400+ drills, full training sessions, video instruction, presentations and more! - Weekly Updates! 1 WEEK FREE TRIAL!
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group with direct access to Wayne Harrison, a UEFA “A” License and NSCAA Premier Diploma Coach with proven success (See Wayne's Bio)
  • PREMIUM PLAN UPGRADE: Everything in the basic membership PLUS Soccer Awareness eBooks (2-27) and each issue of Amplified Soccer Training Magazine
  • Premium Plan eBooks include:
    • 50 Fun and Developmental Coaching Sessions for 6 to 10 year olds - Only available in Soccer Awareness Training Center
    • Soccer Awareness Age Group Specific Awareness Developmental Training
    • 12 Dynamic Target Games for Soccer
    • Small-Sided Games for Strikers
    • 17 Shooting Practices for U6 to U10
    • Sideways On or Facing Forward Body Shape for Striker Position; The Brazilian Way
    • Attacking Combination Plays
    • Attacking and Defending Games: Challenging the Mindset and Mental Transition of the Players
    • 33 Passing And Receiving Practices For U6 To U10
    • How to Develop Spatial Awareness
    • Turning Technique And Skill For 6 To 10 Year Olds
    • 16 Team Shape Games
    • 17 Best Warm Ups
    • Soccer Awareness “One Touch” Training: Developing its Relationship with Movement Off the Ball
    • Identifying and Solving Common Game Situation Problems in the Training Environment
    • The Principles of Defending for U8 to U14
    • Connecting Small Sided Games with 8 v 8 and 11 v 11
    • Quick Break and Counter Attacking Development Plan
    • How to Play the 4-2-3-1: Attacking and Defensive Positioning
    • Dribbling Technique and Skill for U6 to U9

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  • ELITE PLAN UPGRADE: Everything in the premium plan plus the premium Soccer Awareness eBooks, which include:
    • Common Mistakes To Correct In The 11 v 11 And How To Fix Them Before They Start
    • Developing the Four Phases of the Game
    • Tactical Thoughts on the Development of the New 4 v 4, 7 v 7 and 9 v 9 Game Sizes
    • Developing Players with Rondos Using the Soccer Awareness Philosophy
    • Ultimate Youth Coaches Training Guide

Soccer Awareness As Described By Founder Wayne Harrison:

The “Soccer Awareness” idea originated from what I felt were the most important things to teach players. I looked beyond the technical process as that is easy to implement and wanted to get INSIDE the head of the player. Thus the “Thinking Process” of a player became my focus, developing ways to teach an awareness of space, time, and movement, but significantly BEFORE the player received the ball. I drew from my own experience as a player knowing if I had more of this great ability I would have been a far better professional player than I was.

Now, as the game gets much faster, players MUST think, move, pass, position, and transition much more quickly and have the ultimate ability to make much faster and more accurate decisions than before. Soccer Awareness training does this and more, and it also develops SELF THINKING players who are not coach driven; but coach guided, and within this they are allowed to make mistakes without criticism; but rather; encouraged to learn from them.

Quote on Wayne Harrison from Jose Mourinho

"You think the training process very well…the point after that is the way you put in practice with the players organizing a training session. The way you think and the way you make your exercises is very good.” – Jose Mourinho, Head Coach of Chelsea Football Club in response to reading one of Wayne’s books