Tactical Thoughts on the Development of the 4 v 4, 7 v 7 and 9 v 9 Game Sizes

These are how I see these different size games being taught and also showing different systems of play that might be useful to you.

Run with them as you may and of course come up with your own solutions too as that is what coaching is all about. I have introduced the use of rondos to initially aid the development of players for the game situation.

The idea I am trying to cultivate is to find a pattern of development that goes from 4 v 4, to 7 v 7, through 9 v 9 to 11 v 11 that educates the players very early on how to ultimately play the 11 v 11, a common thread running right through the book.

This is a good starting point that will at least get you all thinking, elaborating; and ultimately further developing the ideas.

Even for 4 v 4 we are developing ideas on angles of support and playing in triangles and diamonds that will intimately translate into the 11 v 11 too. 4 V 4 can imitate small areas on the field of play for the 11 v 11 where these set ups are totally appropriate to teach for later use in the 11 v 11.

This way they don’t go into the 11 v 11 totally unprepared, on the contrary I believe they are incredibly well prepared instead.


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Teams may work out that we are good at playing penetrating passes and making great runs in behind them so the way to try to stop this is to defend deep. If they defend deep we need a tactical solution to counter this. This presentation gives you ideas on how to do this and play initially IN-FRONT of the opponents back three or four.

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