"You think the training process very well…the point after that is the way you put in practice with the players organizing a training session. The way you think and the way you make your exercises is very good.” – Jose Mourinho, Former Head Coach of Chelsea Football Club; now Head Coach of Manchester United

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Wayne is available to conduct coach and athlete clinics. The programs are structured with a first Class Curriculum based on Soccer Awareness “Developing the Thinking Player.” Try us and see, Wayne's training has a proven track record at professional level that shows it works.

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The “Soccer Awareness” idea originated from what I felt were the most important things to teach players. I looked beyond the technical process as that is easy to implement and wanted to get INSIDE the head of the player.

Thus the “Thinking Process” of a player became my focus, developing ways to teach an awareness of space, time, and movement, but significantly BEFORE the player received the ball. I drew from my own experience as a player knowing if I had more of this great ability I would have been a far better professional player than I was. Read More >